Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Work and Learn

Bluebird Farm
near Morganton in the foothills of North Carolina
Bluebird Farm is a diversified vegetable and livestock farm in the North Carolina foothills.  We are passionate about healthy soil and holistic management of our land.  Interns learn about aspects of farm business, production, and marketing through working with the farmers.   William and Marie have been farming full time for 8 years at our farm.  We both interned for several years before starting our farm, so we understand the value of the hands on experience of an internship on a diverse small farm.  We like to encourage inquisitive minds and are open to discussions of sustainable agriculture practices, management, business, and finances.  We explain our agricultural practices and techniques as we work. We encourage crew members to return for a second or third year if our farm proves to be a good fit. We also have winter work as a winter farm manager caring for the animals, harvesting vegetables, and attending farmers markets.
Vegetables-3.5 acre vegetable organic/ecological practices, low-tech haygrove tomatoes, 100 varieties of vegetables, cover crops, whole farm compost.
Livestock-high density, rotational grass based livestock management with certified organic grains.  Multi-species systems with grass finished sheep flock, pastured broiler chickens, horse, pastured layer flock in wagon coop, forest-garden-pastured pigs, and pastured beef.
Marketing-40 member CSA, 4 farmers markets, several restaurants

2018 Bluebird Farm Position Descriptions

 Vegetable Internships
Assistant Growers (please also read vegetable internship description for whole farm overview.)

Assistant Grower Application

The applications are google docs. To complete application, make a copy of the application under "File" and "Download as."  Then download the file (we use Microsoft Word .docx), and fill out the your copy of the application. Email the application as an attachment to us.  

Please let us know if you have any difficulties with the google docs, and we can send you the files as attachments.

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